Infrared honeycomb ceramic plate for BBQ

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Outstanding Strength Uniform radiant burning
Excellent thermal shock resistance Save up to 30~50% energy cost Burn without flame.
Quality raw materials.
Ceramic Substrate/ honeycomb in cordierite, alumina, mullite
Many sizes available.
Our regular size is 132*92*13mm But we can produce different sizes according to the customer’s oven, fully energy-saving and efficient combustion.

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Materials Cordierite Round Size:Φ80×12.5mm, Φ100×50mm, Φ125×12.5mm, Φ150×12.5mm, Φ160×13.5mm, Φ168×13.5 mm
Square Size:100×50×13.5mm, 132×68×13.5mm, 110×110×12.5mm, 132×76×13.5mm, 132×92×13.5mm, 158×72×13.5mm 198×136×13mm, 202×148×12.5mm
Water Absorption 50.40%
Open Porosity 61%
Specific Gravity 0.6-0.9g/cm3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 1.5-3(×10-6K-1)
Temperature Softening >1280ºC
Cooking Surface Temperature 1000-1200ºC
CO Release ≤0.006%
NOx Release ≤5ppm

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